Advice Column

Accepting Faults

Sometimes life doesn’t go as planned. You can have everybody around you rooting  for you in silence or out loud. But they do not determine the outcome. Neither do you determine the outcome. You can determine your reaction to the outcome and how you will continue life after that but you simply do not determine the outcome. As long as you feel  in your heart you did all it could take and all that could have been done. It is okay. It is okay to not be in the top all the time as long as you are at the top of your own list. You can try to force yourself to think it was something  that could have been done better but until you speak to the judge that can tell you  exactly what could have been better. You will never know what you could have done, but in your heart you need to know you did all that could have been done.

Accept and Let Go 

Accept that you deserve more 
than painful love
life is moving
the healthiest thing
for your heart is 
to move with it
-Milk n honey, the healing 

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